Flo-Jo Friday...

I am not easily impressed.

More often than not I feel "meh" about most things and most people (meh=relatively neutral). So if I take a strong interest in someone, they should consider themselves special.

Back in the day (mid-late 80s; early 90s) there was this charismatic track runner. You may have heard of her... Her name is Florence Griffith-Joyner.

Though she passed away in 1998, she is still the fastest woman of all time, as her record of 10.49s in the 100-meter dash has yet to be broken. She also still holds the world record for the 200 meters.

But that is not what drew me to her. I liked her because she was fresh.

I'd never seen anyone with her level of charisma grace the track. She had long, flowing hair and while other women would put their hair in buns or ponytails to run, she would run with hers out. She wore bright, flashy, elaborate, one-legged leotards (that she designed herself) and was even criticized for wearing what were dubbed "athletic negligees."

She had swag before the word was created.

More than anything , though... I loved her nails...

My mom wasn't big on make-up or girly stuff like going to get her hair and nails done on a regular basis. So, by circumstance, neither was I. I still don't wear make-up but it was something about Flo-Jo's nails that mesmerized me.

Long, polished and pristine; I never saw her with so much as a chip in her polish, in need of a fill or missing a nail. She kept her nails immaculate, as do I. And while I never got into acrylic tips, she definitely fostered my unwavering interest in nail art.

So I will be dedicating the last Friday of each month to my fellow California native, Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner--my personal nail icon.

I will do a design on my nails (minus the acrylic tips that she wore) inspired by Flo-Jo's "solid gold" signature style. Here is the first one:

left hand<-------------->right hand

This is what I used:

Nicole by OPI-Positive Energy
Sally Hansen-Racey Rouge

I hope that somewhere on the other side, she is pleased with it.

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.



  1. Fantastic post! I hadn't thought about her in years. She was certainly a woman ahead of time.

    Good luck with your new blog! You're off to a great start!!

    (I made a spelling mistake in my previous comment that was to embarrassing to not delete!)

  2. Great inspiration and great design!