Nail Mail: Holo be Thy Name...

I got a few new polishes in the mail the other day. I was really excited because two of them were holographic colors. I've never used holographic polish on my nails before (I know, I'm super late) so I decided to give them a go at work...

First I painted my coworkers nails. We're calling ourselves the Finger Food Club. This isn't the first time I've given her an impromptu manicure during lunch...

I painted her nails with a base coat of Sally Hansen Blackout followed by 2 coats of my newly acquired Nubar 2010. This was the ending result:

Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. She loved it. The rest of the day, people kept coming to my desk asking me where I got that polish.

Then I painted my nails:

In natural light

Love (and Lacquer) Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile (and use Seche Vite)

Inside Light

I love the holographic look. It's everything I expected it to be. Green is my favorite color so that made the experience all the more better. However, just plain polish with no "art" on my nails is terribly boring. I get tired of looking at the same design on my nails fairly quickly. And I rarely have just a plain color and that's it. Needless to say, I've taken this off and I'm already on to the next one.

Tomorrow's design is a Miles Davis inspired piece. I'll blog it when I get off work. In the meantime and in between time; here is an oldie but goodie design that I did on my sister's nails a few months back:

Our nails stay did around these parts

Alright, that's all for today...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.


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