Wesley Week: Lightening Strike 1...

I've been watching New Jack City all night (seriously. This is like my 5th time watching it). There are several scenes where Nino Brown is wearing all black with an excessive amount of gold jewelry.
 There's one particular scene where Nino and the rest of the CMB are handing out food for Thanksgiving and he has on a black trench coat with gold trim. The collar looked like a black and gold lightening bolt. It inspired me to do this impromptu zig-zag, lightening bolt mani at 3am...

Initially it was going to be just black and gold. But I added the white after watching the wedding scene. The white and black separated by the gold represents Nino's black heartedness vs. Scotty's almost angelic nature and their corresponding outfits.

Damn I love this movie!

I become mildly obsessive over specific nail designs quite often. This week, it looks like it's lightening bolts. As a matter of fact, I'm lightweight obsessed with watching Wesley Snipes movies...
So in honor of actor extaordinaire Wesley Snipes, I am declaring this Wesley Snipes Week on Food & Lacquer Too. I will be posting 7 lightning bolt manicures inspired by 7 Wesley Snipes movies too... 


Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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