Ikat nails

I tried Ikat nails a few weeks ago. This was take one:

I thought it looked ok but I just did not like that blue on the other nails so I changed those nails. Take two:

As you can see, there are a few smudges and my cuticles are a mess but whatever... I live in the Bay... No one cares about that here...

I don't see myself doing this on my nails ever again. It was easy and quick, but it's too boring for my taste... I like my nails to be outrageously busy...

Tomorrow is Tupac's birthday so I am considering a Thug Life design for my nails. I originally wanted to get my long sought after Thug Life tattoo on his birthday but my tattoo artist is MIA and not returning emails so Thug Life on the nails just might have to do... Oh, it's also my Sigmaversary tomorrow but I dont really care about that... I mean... I do... But I am not about to be walking around in blue and gold all day and I damn sure am not putting it on my nails...

In the meantime and in between time; here's a little 2Pac to listen to...


Stay Classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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