Sky's the Limit: Happy Birthday, Biggie

In my previous post I talked about how Kris Kross were the first celebrities that I really loved and went super hard for. I also mentioned that after them the next celebrity I went hard for prior to Lupe Fiasco was Biggie...

Then came the worst day May 21st
2:19 thats' when my momma water burst
No spouse in the house
So she drove herself to the hospital
To see if she could get a little help

Umbilical cord wrapped around my neck
I'm seeing my death and I aint even took my first step
I made it out
I'm bringing mad joy
The doctor looked and said
He's gonna be a BAD BOY!

Yep, it's Biggie's birthday so I celebrated the best way I know how... On my nails... He was known for wearing Coogi sweaters so I replicated the colorful designs. Check it:

He also has a pretty famous picture of him wearing a crown so I did that on one of my thumbs...

I just so happen to be going to a Danny Brown show today but I still wanted to rep for Biggie so I wore my Mighty Healthy Biggie Tee today with this same picture showing through the quote on the shirt...

The V-Nasty face is my favorite picture pose... Staring at my watch cause I am so ready to go... It says Dumb Rappers Need Teaching. I totally agree...

Happy Birthday to one of the best to ever do it in the rap game. Rest in Peace, Biggie & Mac Daddy...

Stay Classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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