The Perils of Sisterhood

I have two sisters.

It has always been my pleasure to be a big sister. I pride myself on being an exceptional big sister. Often sisters fight and argue a lot but we have never had those issues. I am much older than my sisters but I still think that sometimes sisters just dont get along, whether close in age or not. That's why I have always been fond of the close relationship that I have with both of mine. There has never been a time where I would hesitate to do a good deed for either of my sisters (whom I often refer to as little sister 1 and little sister 2). This week, my sacrificing nature was tested.

I love rap music.


I mean, the title of this blog is a reworded Lupe Fiasco album title. I think it's pretty obvious how I feel about music. Especially rap.

Lupe Fiasco is my favorite rapper. But there are a select few of other rappers that I go hard for. Danny Brown is one of them.

I saw him live last year and it was fantastic. And we all know that when I think an artist is fantastic, I tend to over indulge.

So I've seen Danny once but I wanted to see him again. He was in the Bay Area a month or two ago but the tickets went on sale during a time where I was kinda broke (I'm paying for nail school out of my own pocket so I'm not able to be as free with my money as I usually am) so by the time I had the funds to purchase a ticket, it was sold out... I vowed to never miss him again and then a few weeks after that I saw this...

He's old and reckless... So am I!

There was no way I was going to miss Danny again. And of course I bought my ticket in a timely manner...
I also informed little sister number 1 that her favorite rap group, OverDoz was opening for him so she should purchase a ticket too. In fact, I reminded her frequently for two weeks to make sure she purchased a ticket...Fast forward to Tuesday, May 21st.

I was so excited! I even made a new ring for the occasion.
I went straight from work to the venue. I was the first person there. My sister showed up about an hour after I did. At which point, she informed me that she had not bought her ticket but she was just going to get it at the door.
After nearly four hours in line, they opened the doors and I was way too excited to go in. I was finally going to get to see Danny again! And then security delivered a crushing blow with the utterance of two words: "Sold Out"...

Now I had my ticket. And this should not have been crushing to me. But it was. Because I knew immediately what I had to do...

Yep. I gave her my ticket. And I went home and went to sleep. Now don't get me wrong. I was super sad and super pissed... But there was no way I was going to go in there and leave my sister outside. She'd never seen OverDoz live before. I've seen Danny Brown live. Her group doesnt have a regular touring schedule. Danny Brown will be back around in September. None of this makes me feel any better, but it just helps remind me that what I did was the right thing to do.

I was so upset that I did some Danny Brown nail art to lift my spirits. Check it:

I really love that eye on my thumb. It's from his XXX mixtape cover...

Anyway... I'm glad my sister got to enjoy the show and meet her faves. And I hope she knows that a sacrifice like that on my part will never EVER happen again. I LOVE YOU, DANNY BROWN!!!
This post has so many words! Ugh... I'm done... Lol

Stay Classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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