Pink Wednesday: Exhaustion Abounds...

I went way too hard in Rite Aid and Walgreens yesterday morning. I ended up buying 10 new polishes (ridiculous, I know. I'll post a pic of them all later.). But since it's Pink Wednesday and I had two new pinks to choose from, I had to try one out...

Initially, I had planned on doing somethinng super elaborate and using both of my new pinks but then life happened and I ended up being out until almost 3am engaging in shenanigans of an astronomical proportion. But there was no way I was going anywhere with this still on my nails:

I did not like how this design turned out, which is why I didn't post it...

Anyway, I decided that I would not go to sleep until I did my nails with something new and (obviously) pink, even if it wasnt challenging. So I just did old faithful; leopard nails.

Even though this is pretty plain for my taste, I love the color (Sally Hansen Coral Reef) and I like the way they turned out. However, when you are deliriously tired, it's probably best not to paint your nails before turning in... This is what happens when you fall asleep almost immediately after painting your nails:

Smudges! Grrrr...

It's still cute though. Not so cute that I'm not gonna take it off tonight, but cute enough...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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