Music & Manicures

Four days out of the week I have specific playlists for corresponding days:

Miguel Monday:

TDE Tuesday:

Wu Wednesday:

2Pac Thursday:

The other 3 days in the week are free for all days. So, seeing as how today is Wednesday, I'm listening to Wu-Tang Clan. But it's ALSO Pink Wednesday, which is just as important as Wu Wednesday as far as I'm concerned... In the past, I have combined Wu Wednesday and Pink Wednesday on my nails:
ODB was my favorite member of the clan. May he rest in peace. Check the Wu symbol. I freehanded that. Dope, I know... Lol

Today, though, I restricted the Wu to my headphones and the Pink to my nails:

 I smudged my middle nail right after I applied the Seche Vite. damn Damn DAMN!

Kinda plain. Just an argyle design on a few fingers but I like it. The light pink is a color I made myself. Haven't named it yet though...

As much as I love Wu-Tang, I've been on this Miguel kick since I saw him live last week and I cannot stop listening to him. So I switched out my Wu Wednesday playlist for my Miguel Monday playlist. But since it's Wednesday, and Miguel just so happens to be Blaxican (half Black, half Mexican) I've renamed it (just for today) my Miguel Miercoles playlist...

He visited Power 106 in LA this morning and he sang his single "Adorn" on the spot:

Do you see why I cannot stop listening to him? He is a golden-voiced angel!

Stay classy...

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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