Dear Fall: WELCOME! All Saints Day...

I am not a fan of Halloween. I am not really a fan of any holidays (except for St. Patty's Day). I just think they're all too commercialized. I've never been much fun anyway...
So while the nail blogs were going crazy with Halloween nail art galore, I opted out of that.  Like I said before, I m not a fan of Halloween and had no desire to paint Frankenstein or vampires or anything else even remotely Halloween related on my nails...
But today is All Saints Day, also known as Dia de los Muertos... A holiday that I've always admired but never actively participated in... This year I decided to celebrate on my nails...

I saw a bunch of tutorials on how to make sugar skulls on nails but I didn't really like how any of them looked until I saw this one. It was fun and easy to do. They glow in the dark but I couldn't get a good picture of the glowing effect so you'll just have to take my word for it... Lol...

This is what I used:

China Glaze-Ghoulish Glow
China Glaze-Rose Among Thorns
Sinful-Fly Away
NYC-White French Creme
L.A. Girl-??? (name is rubbed off)
Confetti-Belle of the Ball
Good Nails Gone BAD-Diamond Heist

This manicure is dedicated to the memory of my cousin who was murdered 3 years ago. We love and miss you Rhonda... And also to Esco... May they both rest well...

My beautiful cousin.

The Prince Esco.

Tomorrow is not only All Souls Day but it also happens to be my BIRTHDAY!!! I will be spending the day (and night) in beautiful San Francisco at Fisherman's wharf. I will give you the blow by blow tomorrow... Post should be pic heavy...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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