Lacquer Relaxation: Day 2 of the Tribal Challenge

I decided to do an Aztec type design today. It turned out pretty good...
There are certain parts I wanted to be sharper and more crisp but it still turned out pretty good for my first time doing an Aztec design. Plus, I have really small hands and my fingers are tiny. My students used to call me T-Rex because my hands are tiny in comparison to the rest of my body. Lol... What I'm saying is; the canvas I have to work on is tiny... I wear a size 5.5 in rings...

Here is what I used:
Sinful-Snow Me White
Color Club-Age of Aquarius
Color Club-Mrs. Robinson
Color Club-Almost Famous
NOPI-I'm a Belieber
Sinful Nail Art-Time Off

Can I Kick It?

I'm gonna try to do more Aztec type designs on my sisters' nails for this tribal challenge...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.


  1. Love the thumb. I wanted to try a similar design but i need to find the patience first lol.

  2. Yeah, it was definitely time consuming!