Then I saw her face... Now I'm a Belieber...

I love music. And, thanks to my youngest sister dragging me against my will to see Never Say Never, I have a lingering case of Bieber fever that I just can't shake...

Needless to say, the drama surrounding this chick who claims to be... Dare I utter it... His baby momma *cringe*... Has disturbed me quite a bit...

I think it's pretty much expected for athletes, actors and musicians to get caught up with beautiful women and make bad decisions... But the BIEBS?! Say it aint so!

Well, I was shocked and awed at the allegations against the Biebs but, after reading the details, I've decided to ride it out on Biebers side.

 Bieber manicure earlier this year.

Honestly, I really don'tcare. I feel like whatever these celebities do off camera is none of my concern. As Jigga-man says; I got 99 problems. I dont need 100... So I've just decided that I don't want to be involved in these shenanigans. I will stick to buying his NOPI polishes and listening to his music. Anything else going on, is none of my business...

The Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection by NOPI (minus a few shades).

A few months ago I bought all of the Bieber polishes. There have since been a few more released that I have yet to pick up but I will be getting them in due time...

My sister is a Bieber fan too so we did this manicure on her nails in support of him...
I love that purple glitter!
Here is what I used:
Sinful-Fly Away
NOPI-Me + Blue (Bieber collection)
NOPI-I'm a Belieber (Bieber collection)
NOPI-One Less Lonely Glitter (Bieber collection)
Kleancolor-Madly Matte

Hmmm... The matte didn't matte as much as I expected it too. I think I'm gonna pick up Essie's Matte About You and see how that works out.

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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  1. Cute stuff! Thanks for the follow! Cheers!

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