Belated birthday post

I had a fantastic birthday this year. I didn't do much by normal standards. There was no clubbing; no partying; no drinking... That's just not my thing. My thing is food, lacquer and Lupe Fiasco... A few years ago I spent my birthday weekend in Chicago at my 15th Lupe Fiasco show. Unfortunately, there were no scheduled Lupe shows to go to so I was only able to indulge two of my 3 passions...

First, my little sister took me to beakfast...
Mmmm.... Dinner for breakfast.

Then I went home, got dressed and headed across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco...

My birthday shirt...
Happy birthday to me and Marie! Let them eat cake!

After getting to San Francisco, I headed to Stonestown Galleria to check out all the high end nail polish and swatch them on my sisters nails.

No name Nordstrom polishes

A brand called The New Black. Never heard of them. Have you?

I almost bought these Lippmanns

Butter London!

L'Occitane and Butter London. Match made in heaven.

I was all set to buy the Chanel Peridot but it just didn't end up looking the way I expected on her nails so I passed on it.I was at the mall looking at nail polish for almost 2 hours. I had a great time.

Then I headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Fisherman's Wharf...

Shirley Temple with extra cherries. My drink of choice.

I ordered the I'm Stuffed Shrimp.

Me tasting my sister's burger.
Check the nails.

I really enjoyed my day. Good food, fresh lacquer and good friends made it a joy.

I wonder what this could be?

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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