That's Just How I Do... MOVIE SWAG WEEK! Day 1:

Being from the Bay Area means you should be familiar with a few things; bridge toll, earthquakes, awesomely neutral weather no matter what season it is and, of course, Lil B.
Lil B is a rapper who rose to fame as a member of the rap group hailing from Berkeley, California (The city I was born in and have lived in for a good part of my adult years.) called "The Pack."

He has since gone solo and is now being referred to as Lil B the Based God. He is known for such awesome songs as Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus and, my personal favorite, Wonton Soup (if you are easily offended by curse words and sexually explicit lyrics, don't click the link). He has gathered quite a cult following of individuals referring to themselves as "based." Lupe even wrote a whole essay about why he is a fan of Lil B's work.
If you've heard any of Lil B's music then you know that in the background of pretty much every song you can hear him saying "Swag! Woot! Swag! Woot!"

Well, to make a short story long, this week on Food & Lacquer Too is dedicated to Swag.
Swag, to me, is not only rocking the bomb garb, but flaunting the attitude to match. It's a state of mind. The whole package. Personality as well as style. Taking something and making it your own. It may not be fresh on anyone else, but it's fresh on you.

Starting today, and continuing for 7 days, I will post a manicure a day that is dedicated to and inspired by the ladies who are, in my opinion, the top 7 most swagged out ladies to ever grace the silver screen.

It's speaking strictly for the character; not the actor who played the part. Keep in mind that I haven't seen every movie there is so leave your comments on who you think should've made the list.

And without further ado; let's give the ladies some love.

The 7 Most Swagged Out Female Movie Characters

7. Kate Miller: Dressed to Kill (1980)
She really only had on one outfit before she was brutally murdered in the elevator after leaving the apartment of a man who a) was not her husband and b) may had very well just given her VD moments before her death.

That stunning off-white outfit was completely ruined when she bled out. But in the scenes before that, her style was flawless. That outfit was to die for. She really was dressed to kill... Or rather... Dressed to be killed...

I did this manicure on my sisters nails. I mixed a bunch of different reds (about four) to get just the right blood color. The base color is Urban Decay White Widow.

Obviously, these pics were taken before cuticle clean up.

The off-white base shade reminded me of Kate Miller's outfit before her untimely death. The blood splatter reminded me of her outfit after...

#6 Tomorrow. Who could it be???


Until tomorrow...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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