Lacquer Relaxation: Day 4 of the Tribal Challenge

I saw this on Supa Nails and decided to recreate it on my sister's nails...

It turned out nice. Took hella long to do though... Sheesh! You'll rarely see my nails with a design on every finger. I just don't feel like painting an elaborate design on every nail... If ever there is a design on every finger in a post, then more than likely it's not my hands that you're looking at...

Here is what I used:
 LA Girl-??? Name rubbed off
Sinful-Fly Away
Color Club-Wham! Pow!
Color Club-Almost Famous
Color Club-Mrs. Robinson
Sinful Nail Art-Time Off

I hate to post and run but the Niners are about to play!
Midnight Marauders

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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