Best Cupcake Ever... EVER!

Earlier today I went to Red Onion Burger in Vallejo, California. Initially I had only planned on getting a burger and fries but they had the most appealing looking cupcakes that I had to try one.

They had chocolate (yuck, I hate chocolate), red velvet (sometimes I like them but sometimes they taste like chocolate, I didn't want to risk it) and strawberry shortcake (ding ding ding!)...

This cupcake was thee best cupcake I've ever had... EVER! Such a pretty cupcake. Goes well with my pink nails.

I'm seriously considering spending another $5 in bridge toll to go back and get another one...


I'm gonna submit the pic of me holding the burger to burgers and nails but I wanted to share the cupcake pics with you here...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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