Day 1: Red

I usually can't stand to keep a design on my nails for longer than a day or two, but I'm really feeling this Flo-Jo design. I want to keep it at least for another day or two. Luckily I have two younger sisters who are willing to allow me to use their hands for this challenge.

So I painted Day 1's challenge on my youngest sister's nails...

I only have 10 reds so I just assigned one nail to each shade...

They all photograph pretty much the same.

I had a polish explosion where a white polish busted and spilled all over 75% of my other polishes. That's why some of the polishes are covered in white.

The shades (from left to right, top to bottom):
Sally Hansen-Wine Not!
Vernis Absolu-Royale
NYC-Madison Ave
Sinful-Bleeding Heart
Sally Hansen-Racey Rouge
Pure Ice-All Nighter
Wet N' Wild-Red Red
Sally Hansen-Red Carpet
Santee-Garnet Red
Urban Decay-F Bomb

I will be dedicating the entire month of October to this challenge. Also, I'm going to try and think up another challenge for us lacquer lovers.

Until tomorrow...

Stay classy.

Peace ... And much lacquer to you.


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