Day 5: Blue

I'm not a blue kind of girl.

I really don't like the color. The only time I ever wear it is when I am doing sorority stuff (EE-YIP to my soRHOrs)...
Chillin' with my chapter

Anyway... I don't like the color. I'm not a huge fan of the color pink either. Still, it's my first Wednesday as a Pink Lady and I wanted to participate...

While at work perusing blogs of fellow finger painters, I saw a nail art design on one of my favorite nail blogs. I decided that it was the perfect way to incorporate Pink Wednesday into the day 5 challenge, so I recreated it on my nails...

left hand<------------>right hand

She used tape. I just free-handed mine so the lines aren't as crisp as hers were. But I still really love the way it turned out. I actually like the shades of both the pink and the blue. This is what I used (from right to left):

Pure Ice-Flirt Alert
Nicole by OPI-Give Me the First Dance
Nicole by OPI-Loyalty to Royalty
Sinful-Black on Black
Seche Vite Top Coat

I really am in desperate need of a manicure. My cuticles are an atrocity. Maybe I'll get one this weekend. I'm too lazy to do it myself.

Violet tomorrow. I love purple. I'm excited about this...

Until then...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.


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