I'm Beaming...

I was hella tired at work today. Seriously... Dumb ass tired... But the reason I was so tired was TOTALLY worth it. What's the reason you ask?

Yep... Lupe Fiasco. He ended his Generation Laser tour in Oakland California and I had the privilege of being in attendance...

I saw a post on another blog where a girl had painted the anarchy "a" on her nails. I've done that before but not with the neon red shade A Rose Among Thorns that she used from China Glaze so I went to Sally's and picked it up and did this design on my nails.
In her design, she put crackle over the nails that didn't have the "a" on it. I really don't like the crackle effect so I did a dripping effect instead.

Like I said, I only got the neon red color idea from her, the rest of the design, I had already done before or changed around so that it didnt look like hers.

It was a big hit at the show and so was Lu... I had a great time, as always. I can't wit until show #25...

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.

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