Hunger Pains: Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Nail Trio...

Gimme gimme gimme... I need.. I NEED!!!

I hate spending $8 on polish, let alone $45. But it just may have to be done. I've been going back and forth about buying some Chanel polish. At $35 a bottle, it just seems ridiculous to spend that on fingernail polish. Hell, I won't even buy any Lippmann just yet because I am not really feeling spending $18... But it looks like I'm gonna have to break down and do it... Ugh... I hate wasting money... But this is for a great cause; my nails! I work everyday. I should be able to buy something frivolous...

Aren't they beautiful?

I can't wait until payday. Nordstrom, here I come.

Stay classy.

Peace... And much lacquer to you.


  1. Beauties!!
    Gaah, that's just so annoying, the more polishes you get, the longer the wishlist keeps growing...

  2. If you are up for a swap sometime,let me know. A quick and easy way to get new polishes and still keep your wallet happy... :)

  3. I haven't even posted half of my wishlist yet and it keeps growing everyday. I should just put every polish ever made in every shade because that's really what I want. Lol...

    I am ABSOLUTELY down to swap sometime... I've never done it so I'm kinda not clear on the protocols and procedures though.